me bakingWelcome to my blog! I’m Khia; hobby baker, English girl and Paul Hollywood enthusiast. I’ve been baking since I was a child when I would make coconut and jam tartlets with my mum, but now I bake in the little free time I have: Sundays.

Since I moved to Switzerland I’ve been trying to develop my baking skills, especially since a lot of stuff I was used to buying easily or cheaply in England is not available here, or is much more expensive.

I believe in a more “rustic” style of baking…which is my way of saying I am really bad at presentation! That also means you won’t find random, obscure ingredients or something expensive. These recipes should be simple enough  for the average person.

In terms of my favourite bakes, I love bread doughs. Despite being in the land of chocolate, Swiss people HATE overly sweet things, so I tend to make more savoury bakes to please everyone. However, I also love making biscuits and cakes like anyone does, so you’ll find a wide variety here!

Thanks for reading my recipes, I hope you enjoy them!